A NEWLY DISCOVERED CRATER-Hermann H. & The Pacemakers

a wierd news filled the air, ladies & gentlemen

in an ordinary town, one just like yours

an unknown crater was found near the park,

a size of a hole in your heart

I heard there's alians there, like a dancer in the dark

inside the mysterious hole, lies an ideal optimistic eyes

cover up the crater man, before it's too late

no more time for research man, you'll know the answer soon

wer'e right here with you, so sit back and relax,

I hope you survive through this craziness

spit some more to this shiney world

'caus there's things you'll never know

say good-bye to your worn out shadow

here's the music that helps you know

ambiguous anarchy exploded in the town

like a lover fills your head,

the town's now filled with optimistic eyes

a personal story never ends for girls, boys, and yes, the adults

vast amount of information's just spinning in our heads each day

and this, newly discovered crater's dramatic reaction with the human


made it possible, a further rotation

let's say this crater changed one's life

I feel small factors changed mine badly

we all need some kind of a stimulant

let's find it one way or the other


歌手:Hermann H. & The Pacemakers