Sometimes it's raining out thereの歌が含まれ


Pretty Gooday-AYUSE KOZUE

Pretty good day...

It's a pretty good day,,,

Have a good time


ベルトの穴がいつもより ひとつ縮まっていたり

雲ひとつない空 こんないい日には

なんだって出来ちゃいそうな そんないい気分

Let's all just feel the air I'm sitting on the rainbow

Hands up let me touch the sky

All the birds are dancing with my 口ずさむメロディー

It's a pretty good day,,,

Have a good time

することなすこと うまくいかない日とか

することなすこと 全部うまくいく日とか

神のまにまに 山あり谷あり


面白いんだ life goes by

Sometimes it's raining out there

And I'm staring outta window

I wanna I wanna reach the sky

いつだって looking for the sunshine

Wanna live the days in good time

its like we're at the party

so pick up the car keys

driving through

gotta get my licience

so I may be riding my bike yes things go right!

What day is it today!?

Its a pretty good day

oh yes I knew it

get loose if you screw things release

and tease em say

its a pretty good day so hurry up get awake

better get up 空すら ふわっ

曇りのつもりが照らす目隠しはずした sun lite hold on

never let it go wrong easy peasy to feel it

涙をふき取って 辛いことばっかでもない

いつの日にか 陽の当たる場所へ

Let's find a wonderful day

It's a pretty good day,,,

Have a good time




I'd say hurray!! today's the day!!

輝きだす街 待ちきれない my life

And the time goes by いつの日も

I cannot wait for pretty good day