sunrise〜emotion〜 feat. Frankie Paul-NaotoHiroki&Karatesystems


「正直者が馬鹿をみる」 その言葉だけは嘘じゃないようだ

Sunrise, good morning to you

Always make me feel so good

Outside my window I see the trees

Slowly dancing to the morning breeze

Today is looking good for me

I'm thinking strong and clearly

Now I realize that everything you said to me

Was never ever true

裏の裏は裏 真実はどこにある

誰を信じれば いいのかが わからない

Mama always said to me

“That lying is like stealing”

Then everybody's guilty

For telling me “It will be okay”

Papa always preached to me

“That money won't make you happy”

But then why do things come with a cost

That we can't afford

And it makes us feel weak

Twilight, goodnight to you

I close my eyes, to dream with you

Will I ever know the answers to my prayers

that I wish to myself quietly

I only wish for simple things

Like happiness and harmony

Someday, Somehow, Somewhere

I'll a find a way to make my all dreams come true